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This site is addressed to small and middle-size businessmen or anyone who needs to plan its website design and has no idea about how to do it. Here, we give you a practical guide -including theoretical explanations- on how to create a website. However, this is not one of those pages offering design techniques, tips, etc.; this site is a guide for businessmen and not designers. By reading these lines, you will never learn to design not even the slightest thing of a website; you will learn how to organize the project together with the designer you hire to create your company's page and how to take the most of it.

We think that this site needs to exist because the design work requires the customer's active participation and he cannot pass all the responsibilities on to the designer. Knowing the topics dealt with here, you will be perfectly trained to plan a project with the designer that will give you the greatest benefits possible. Being familiar with some topics will save you time and help you make decisions that otherwise you will not even think about. And since many decisions require time to think about them or you will need to ask partners or even friends, it is very convenient for you to have them ready before your first appointment with the person in charge of your corporate site design.

Web design is an essential tool for a site to be truly beneficial for a company. A Web page made by a friend's friend who knows something about design is not the most advisable thing to do. Nowadays, this design element is one of the most important ones for a company's representation. That is why you should not neglect its creation or hire somebody who may not be the right person for the job. In order to choose a good designer, you should not go over résumés, you need to talk to the person and get to know his work, if both things seem appropriate, hire him. Design work requires skill and imagination and those things are not listed in any résumé.

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On this site, we will explain basic matters that you, as a customer, need to know to get the most of your designer and help him work. In order to do that, we have divided it into thematic sections dealing with a specific topic. Web design introduces the concept, together with the three main features of this activity's work object, the website. In What is a website for?, we deal with the three functions fulfilled by a website on a company's business development. The section Corporate Identity and website is focused on how a Web design gets involved on the set of design elements composing corporate identity. Items to choose, typography and colors reviews all the things you need to know about these graphic elements that are so important for a site and usually a topic customers choose. Finally, in Parts of a Website, we will describe each of the parts composing an internet page for you to get familiar with the nomenclature.

Although it is not necessary, we recommend the reader to read this site following the section order. These are written to be read independently but it is also true that they are part of a work divided into topics that gradually add concepts as known, becoming increasingly complex.

We want to sincerely thank you for choosing us to help you in this new enterprise. We wish to be as helpful as possible. Welcome to this applied Web design website addressed to businessmen, created by us thinking about you.

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