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When a website is designed, the designer asks the customer to tell him what he wants. However, there are some things that he does not put under his consideration and he just does them because he believes they are appropriate, but this is not the case for typography, let alone colors. Whether it is because the designer puts it under the customer's consideration or because the customer decides on his own he will choose these elements, typographies and colors are usually the customer's choice. For this choice to be appropriately carried out, we will give you some data to take into account.

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  • Typography verbal message: it is the message conveyed through language words. In this case, we are talking about a denotative message where typography plays a passive role. This point is only intended to contrast with the following point:
  • Non-verbal typography message: it is a message parallel to verbal message. It is not what it is said but how it is said. It is a connotative message where typography plays an active role since it has meaning of its own. Using a font type or the other is not the same to create a text: the font chosen must convey something coherent with the text it is applied to. For instance, if a will is written using a funny typography, people reading it will not know whether it is a valid legal document or a joke. That is to say, the power of typography is highly important to take into account. If it can raise doubts in such a serious matters as a will, imagine what it can do with your website text.
  • Font type: there are two font types: serif and sans serif. Serif typography is the one using serifs to cut the letters and give them finish; they are sticks cutting the font ends and acting as a kind of support for them. Serifs come from the time where there was no way of giving matrix fonts a good finish and it was agreed to cut them to make their edges flat. Times New Roman is an example of this typography. Sans serif typography does not have serif and it is more current than the previous one. Arial is an example of this typography. In graphics, serif typography is always used for long texts because it has been proved that serifs improve the reading, prevent vision tiredness and reader's distraction. It is not the same case for Internet. If you pay attention to it, all pages use sans serif typographies. This is so because using this font type is better for long texts on the Web, since monitors are not able to define the serifs appropriately, creating nebula over the text.
  • RGB and CMYK colors: colors reproduced by a monitor or TV belong to the RGB palette (red, green and blue) and colors reproduced by a printer belong to CMYK palette. The first one is much wider than the second one; that is to say, the second one does not have all the colors the first one does. Then, when printing a design made on a computer, there will always be a difference between one and the other, between the color seen on the monitor and the color seen on the paper. We need to add also the bright issue, since a monitor throw light while a paper reflects it and the difference is evident. For RGB colors to be printed, the designer will have to convert them into CMYK colors. This process is carried out searching for the CMYK color closer to the RGB color to convert. Through this transformation, colors change a little bit, getting a somehow different result.

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