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Virtual office:

before globalization, companies were recognized by the building they used. Being usually a community's business center, everybody had contact with it and was familiar with its building. However, this is not the case nowadays. Consumers do not know which companies work in their city, let alone the ones working in the country. Post-modern companies are abstractions, ideas and, as such, they only exist if they live on the consumers' mind and memory. But any idea requires a material object to be thought of. For instance, the concept "house" requires the word "house" for people to think about it. In the case of companies, a material object is also necessary since it allows the public to think about it, get related with it and, thus, make it exist. As we said before, this object used to be the building they used. But this is not the case any longer: now the object the public gets related with is the website. This place on the Web is the reference point for people; through it, they think about the company, they know it, they buy from it, they ask questions, etc. An abstracted company needs a virtual customer care office.

And considering small and middle-size companies, this is a great benefit since a big corporation building cannot be beaten by a small company, but his website can. The convenience of this matter is highly important and should not be overlooked. Thousands of small companies introduce themselves pompously and they appear to be huge without us knowing it.

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this is the feature distinguishing a site from the other designs. Any advertising design sends a message, a message coming from the company and being placed on the recipient. That is to say, it is information transmission where the recipient is absolutely passive. On the contrary, the website allows the recipient to answer. It makes the recipient become a sender answering a stimulus caused by the message sent. The contact section of a Web page allows the public to answer the company's message and the latter can, in turn, answer them. This possibility makes sure there is a direct dialogue established between company and public. This has two main advantages. The first one is the trust arisen by this closeness; the consumer is so pleased to have this relationship that he always places the company on the first place when choosing who to buy from. The second one is that all the information gathered by the customers' questions, comments and suggestions will be very useful when launching a marketing campaign. For a marketing expert, coming across this information is like striking gold. He will be able to use it to carry out an excellent marketing campaign.

But this is not all. There is another interaction possible on a website: the so-called user-site interaction. The previous one, called user-company interaction, involved people communicating, but this is not the same case. The user browses the site and looks for (and finds) the information he wishes to get. He does not get an still design informing what the company wants, he finds a design object he can involve in to get what he wants from it. In this way, all the information he gets in contact with will be information looked for and desired, so, he will be specially pleased to receive it.

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