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The Web design is the branch of graphic design dealing with planning, creation and maintenance of Internet pages. As any other type of design, Web design requires the customer's active participation. When hiring any other service for your company, you just need to pay for it. On the contrary, when creating your corporate site, you will need to take active part on the work process.

Hiring the designer, putting forward his project, passing the budget are the first three steps. Then, you should follow the outlines shown and make accurate instructions about what you wish to change. After some time, the outline will become increasingly complex till it becomes an almost finished site. At this point, the final touches are carried out, for the design to be programmed and uploaded to the Web.

Your participation is essential at two points: during the project presentation and when working with the outlines. If you are not able to make a valid presentation of what you want for your corporate Web page, the designer will not be able to even being the project or he will have to submit lots of outlines until you find what you were not able to explain. Of course, submitting lots of outlines will be more expensive than submitting just one. Then, the best thing for everyone is that you are clear about what you want and that you are able to explain yourself fine (both things are main aims of this site). Secondly, your participation is essential when amending the outlines. Clearly explaining why you want to change something will save lot of trial and error time. This is the time where you need to follow the designer closer, pay more attention him, trying to quickly help him in anything he may need. Of course, the designer must be careful not to use all your time since you have other matters to take care of. It is highly important to establish a respectful and fraternal relationship, promoting the abilities of its members.

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Then, we can see that Web design work is intended to convert customer's ideas into graphic objects and make them combine so as to clearly set a corporate message in tune with the other company designs. To understand better what Web design is, the best thing is to deal with its work object, the website. Below, the three main features of an Internet page. (We use both "site" and "page" in the same way although, strictly speaking, the site is the object having pages).

Presence on the market: nowadays, Internet is the most consulted medium as regards the search for company, service and products. No target group is outside this and there is no target group not directly affected by this medium. Thus, a good presentation on the Internet plus a good placing on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN will increase your company's prestige and fame. The internet placing work you carry out will be reflected on the placing on the market you work at and, actually, the investment required by the Internet is low, considering the cost/profit relation.

On the other hand, the way you are shown on the Web is one of the most amazing advertising tools. A small or middle-size company cannot compete with a big corporation as regards advertisings and its building, since it cannot afford them. However, it is possible to create a Web page as good as or even better than your most powerful competitor page without needing to get into debt for it. The cost of advertising through your site is very low and its scope is really amazing.

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