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this is the section used to enter into the site. There is usually a company's introduction, with its aims, activities, history in the home. As regards design, the home is similar to the other sections, it has nothing special. In fact, this is a section as any other just having the particular feature of being conventionally the one through which you enter the site and the one introducing the company. NOTE: home should not be mistaken with site introduction: the home is part of the site and the introduction is previous to it.


a site is divided into sections. There are usually between 5 and 9 sections on each section, although they can be more or less. What is important when dividing into sections is that each one should deal with a specific topic, that this topic does not overlap with other section content and that the names assigned to them should be clear for the visitor so that he can know what he is going to find in a section called in certain way.


placing pictures on a site is not an easy thing to do. There are two options to do it: putting own pictures or generic or symbolic pictures. In case you choose the first option, hiring a professional photographer is advisable to take your pictures since a bad quality homemade picture absolutely spoils the site. In case of choosing generic pictures, there are picture stocks on the Web that you can go over searching for free or paid pictures.

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this is a website heading. This is kept throughout all the sections and the greatest design work is focused on it. The header may have buttons for the site sections, corporate logo, contact information, etc or it may be alone. Using a touched up and designed picture as a header is very usual.


they are used to enter into the different sections. There is also lot of design work focused on the buttons. The designer intends to create novel and easy-to-use buttons. Adding effects to the buttons is very common: animations, mouseover, etc.


they are used for many things, but they are mainly used on the contact section. Through a form, users can easily send their question and you can get it at the chosen e-mail address. The form fields are the boxes that can be filled with data. You can ask that some or all the fields you choose are mandatory to send the query. They are mandatory so that the user does not forget to fill necessary data to get a reply.


it is usually a flash animation, previous to the site. We think it is not advisable, since nobody sees it: they skip it or close the page. Thus, you will be spending money on something that, at the very best, nobody sees and, in the worst case scenario, frightens your site visitors away.

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