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In this section, we will introduce the functions making a site a useful tool for a company's business development. We have already seen the features of a site, now we will see what they are for. The function names will be very familiar for you, since they were rightly taken from marketing terminology. Using this nomenclature is appropriate because a website is an excellent marketing tool.


standard advertising and Internet advertising are different mostly because of their focus, that is to say, the point where attention is concentrated. Standard advertising in radio, graphics and television is composed of two types of advertisements. Both of them put the attention away from the advertised (the product) to highlight the advertisement itself. The first type of advertisement is the one introducing the product performing miracles. On them, a product can be seen doing really unbelievable and implausible things. However, the advertising aim is not to make the recipient believe those feats but extraordinarily show the product. It tries to achieve a positive advertising shock. This type of advertisement is very commonly applied in cleaning products: the detergent is shown washing dishes, amazingly and clearly fictitiously. In this case, the attention is focused on the amazing and not on the real product information, as could be "detergent with lemon fragrance".

The other type of advertisement is the one moving through its plot. In this case, there is a story told, moving the target group essential values. The product is not shown on these advertisements or it is shown very in the background. The product is clearly shown only at the end of the advertisement. The aim of these advertisements is that the emotion caused by the story told is transferred to the product itself. For instance, there was a very good advertisement of a famous whisky where an android was talking about his life being infinite and his inability to feel as human beings do. It was rounded off by the android saying he could live for ever but a human being is eternal if he makes just one great act. The whisky is shown when the advertisement ends. In this case, it could have been an advertisement for anything, since it was not related to the product information.

It is not the same case for Internet. Web advertisements are not very funny small links just taking to the promoted site. In this case the website itself moves the user, not its advertising. That is why it is highly important that your site design is focused on fulfilling that purpose.

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a product promotion means adding something to it, making it more desirable. This strategy is applied to products recently launched into the market or products that have lost sales. In this section, we will show you three examples of website promotion.

  • You can put labels on the products promoted. On the labels, there will be an alphanumeric code printed, your Web page address and a brief explanation on the promotion. People buying the products with the labels will be able to enter the code printed on them on your site and access to tickets for movies or theater for two people, ready to be printed and shown at the box office. This promotion has an added value attracting people who were not familiar with the company before, so as to introduce the company appropriately.
  • You can publish the offers of the month on your site. They will be exclusively published on the internet. If you are well placed on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN, it will not be long before the users find the products offered. However, although many people may see your offers, each of them will think he is the only one who has found them, so he will want to take advantage of his good luck and skill to find good prices.
  • You will be able to offer discount coupons on your website. These coupons will be ready to print and shown at the stores associated so as to get a discount on the products you want to promote. To take more advantage of it, you can require, as a condition to access the coupons, that users enter their name, e-mail address and agree to get periodic information from the company. Thus, you will be able to establish a more solid and daily link with your customers.

Of course, there are thousands of other ways of promoting products on line. We just illustrate this function through these three examples. Having a little imagination, you will be able to approach your own personal promotion campaign.

Sale channels:

widening and optimizing sale channels are main objectives of a marketing campaign. Internet is the medium most used when searching for companies, service, products and information. Having a good place on the Web will add a lot to your company. This may be the most beneficial sale channel. Certainly, there are some ways of increasing the benefit. For instance, you can ask your designer to create an e-commerce site. E-commerce sites are the standard sites having photos of the products listed and a virtual shopping cart that can be filled or emptied. On these sites, you can buy directly; the only human being involved is the customer. That is to say, these sites work on their own 24/7 and can sell products to people all around the world. Although it is true that designing and creating these sites is a bit more expensive, the cost/profit relation is more than tempting. Trying it will be up to you.

These are the three basic business purposes of a website. You can notice the benefit of having a space on the Web just by reviewing these three basic functions. We believe that if it has a good design and good ideas, an internet site may become a milestone on your company's commercial development. Of course, it will all depend on how well your site is placed and, obviously, on whether your products are in great demand or not.

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